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About Us


Ka makani `olu`olu in the Hawaiian language means "a sweet, gentle breeze". Welcome to Makani Hawaii. We expertly handcraft high quality gold and silver Hawaiian Heirloom and Hawaiian island-style jewelry that will remind you of Hawaii's soft breezes and enchanting natural beauty. With an inventory of over 4000 items, and 100 new designs created each year, we are a wholesale leader in Hawaiian Heirloom, island-nature style jewelry, and all-wood personal timepieces. From our manufacturing center in Canton, China, we expertly handcraft over 50,000 rings per month, and our koa wood-tungsten designs are best sellers. Also in demand is our line of 100% natural all-wooden watches, and each month we ship over 5,000 handmade items for local retailers and around the world.

From our Honolulu workshop, we offer the highest quality custom-made gold and silver Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry and island-style designs for wholesale and retail purchases. All website orders will be shipped expediently within 1-2 working days, or visit our showroom at 334 Seaside Avenue in downtown Waikiki to pick up your order.

Thank you for trusting Makani Hawaii with your business and allowing us the pleasure of serving you for over 10 years. Our hope is that in the expert craftsmanship and beauty of Makani Hawaii jewelry you will possess an exquisite and lasting memory of our islands for years to come. 


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